Southern Nevada Section

2012 Awards Ceremony

Annual Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

University of Nevada Las Vegas

Student Union Room 208A (2nd Floor)

4505 S. Maryland Parkway

5:30 ‐ 6:00 PM  Reception and Dinner

6:00 – 7:30 PM‐Presentation of Awards and Guest Speaker


Awardee's and friends eating dinner. 


Speaker: Onofrio G. Gaglione


Affirming the Two-Year College as a Legitimate Pathway to the Baccalaureate and Beyond and to Careers in the Chemical Sciences, Engineering and Education

Abstract: The raising of the level of instruction and the existence of research in two-year college chemistry programs is examined. Recent developments and headlines that thrust two-year colleges into the spotlight as legitimate pathways to STEM baccalaureate degrees and beyond leading to careers as professional technicians, scientists, engineers and educators, are discussed with an historical perspective. Innovative enrichment of the chemical sciences curricula via undergraduate research, internships, poster presentations at professional meetings and standardized ACS examinations in General and Organic Chemistry are recommended in order to increase student retention and insure success in undergraduate transitions. Student recruitment both external and in-house must be monitored to keep it at a level that insures sustainability of the chemistry programs. A two-year college mission statement is suggested and a bibliography of relevant, recent journal, C&EN and newsletter articles is included.

Biography: Onofrio (Dick) Gaglione is Professor-Emeritus of Chemistry and former Dean of Science at New York City College of Technology (NYCCT) of City University of New York (CUNY) and is currently an Adjunct Professor at the College of Southern Nevada (CSN) in Las Vegas, NV where he is also Councilor and past Chair of the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) Southern Nevada Section in addition to being the Chair of the Western Regional Advisory Board of the Two-Year College Chemistry Consortium (2YC3). He was the author of an article in the Journal of Chemical Education entitled, “Underground Existence of Research in Chemistry in Two-Year College Programs” in 2005. He has presented more than 10 papers at ACS and 2YC3 Meetings in the last ten years including a keynote address, “Pathways to Success in the Chemical Sciences: Affirming the Value of Two-Year College Graduates,” at the 186th 2YC3 at Hinds CC in Raymond, MS in 2009. He has served as a consultant and an evaluator of two-year college chemistry programs engaged in NSF-ATE projects at schools in California since his move to Nevada in 1997. He is currently a member of the ACS Committee on Minority Affairs after over ten years as a member and a consultant to the ACS Committee on Technician Affairs. He was the National Chair of the 2YC3 in 1986, a recipient of the Chemical Manufacturers Associations’ National Catalyst Award in 1988, Professor of the Year Award at NYCCT (CUNY) in 1991 and the E. Ann Nalley Award for Volunteer Service to ACS in 2008.



Awards were given for 50 and 60 years of membership, local Chemistry Olympiad finalists, Outstanding Undergraduate Chemistry Student at UNLV, Outstanding Two Year Student at CSN, Winner of Chemistry Video and Photo Contests, Service Award for past chair, Emerson Award for lifetime service to local section.




Kaz Lindley, Chair, Dr. Myrna Loy, 50 year ACS member, Jeanette Van Emon.



Kaz, Onofrio (Dick) Gaglione, 50 year ACS member, Jeanette.



 50 Year ACS Member, Ray Clem ( Kaz and Jeanette)


 New Student Memeber (all receive copy of Merck Index), Alan Eister with Kaz Lindley and Mark Garner



 New Student Memeber, Jessica Dixon (Kaz and Mark)



New Student Memeber, Yuxi Zhao (and Mark Garner)



 New Student Memeber, Addissew Samuel (and Mark Garner).



 New Student Memeber, Jeff Blakesley (and Mark Garner).



 New Student Memeber, Cassandra Miller (and Mark Garner).



 New Student Memeber, Namritha Manoharan (and Mark Garner).


New Student Memeber, Jasmine Hicks (and Mark Garner).



 Gary Coates, Winner Photo Contest.

Not shown, Jeremy Hilgard winner of video contest.



Most Outstanding Chemistry Major at UNLV (and Mark Garner, Kaz Lindley)


Runner-up Outstanding Chemisty Major at UNLV, Andrea Frakas

Most Outstanding 2 Year Chemistry Major at CSN. Memona Kahn



 Chemistry Olympiad Finalist, Michael Zhou, Clark High School.

Dr. Mark Garner is chair of Chemistry Olympiad Committee.


 Chemistry Olympiad Finalist, Jiming Chen, Green Valley High School.  (Kaz and Mark)


Past Chair Service Award, Dr. John Gerlach, Past Chair, and Kaz Lindley, Chair.


Emerson Award for lifetime service, Dr. Jeanette Van Emon, Kaz Lindley, Chair.