Southern Nevada Section

National Chemistry Week 2012

This year national chemistry week saw section members making their 11th visit to the Paradise Elementry School in Las Vegas.  Three classes of students in the fifth grade were the audience for our team of chemists.  Dick Gaglione and Don Betowski were the organizers.  The team consisted of 6 from the EPA laboratory, 3 from the UNLV student chapter, and the sections counciler and past chair.

  Before the fun begins a message from the American Chemical Society.


 Students assisting with the iodine clock reaction.

 The last ingredients are added.  Then after a short wait clear becomes black.  Those who blinked missed it.


 Amanda DiGoregoria tries to convince everyone that it can all be done with a flick of the wrist as she runs an oscillating reaction.  We did explain why each of the reactions that were shown worked the way they did.  The audience did enjoy themselves.