Southern Nevada Section

            Chemistry Poster Contest


The 2012

Clark County, Nevada 

High School Chemistry

Poster Contest 



Sponsored by the

Southern Nevada Section

American Chemical Society



At our December 13, 2012 meeting the winners of the ACS Southern Nevada Section high school student chemistry poster contest were announced.  The prize winning posters are shown below on this page.  The top three posters are listed in order.  The next 8 Runners-up posters are in no particular order.  Also listed are 14 additional posters that received Honorable Mention.




First Place, Shadow Ridge High School



Second Place Southeast High School 




 Third Place Foot Hill High School


 The next 8 posters are all runners up, no particular order.


A.  Runner-up, Chaparrel High School


B.  Runner-up




C.  Runner-up, Green Valley High School


 D.  Runner-up, Northwest High School




E.  Runner-up, Palo Verde High School 





F.  Runner-up, Rancho High School



G.  Runner-up, SCETA High School




H.  Runner-up, Western Prep High School


The next 14 posters got an honorable mention, no particular order. 

A.  Honorable Mention

B.  Honorable Mention


C.  Honorable Mention

D.  Honorable Mention

 E.  Honorable Mention


F.  Honorable Mention


 G.  Honorable Mention




H.  Honorable Mention


 I.  Honorable Mention


 J.  Honorable Mention



 K.  Honorable Mention




L.  Honorable Mention 


M.  Honorable Mention


N.  Honorable Mention


The following people and organizations are thanked for their contributions toward making this years program a success.

- Judy Myers, Assistant Director, School-Community

  Partnership Program,Clark County School District

VWR International

- Executive Committee of the Southern Nevada Section

  of the American Chemical Society

- All the high school students and teachers of the Clark

  County School District who participated in this event