Southern Nevada Section

2013 CSN Science & Technology EXPO

The Sothern Nevada Section had a booth at this years Science & Technology EXPO held at the Cheyenne Campus of College of Southern Nevada.  This event is aimed at junior and senior high school students with home schooled students of all grades welcome.  Our volunteers hand out on the field of chemistry.  Material received from the national office as well as locally prepared material were handed out to interested students.  About three to four hundred students stopped long enough to get a handout and talk with our volunteers.  The interest from students this year was surprisingly strong. 


 This years volunteers were Kaz Lindley, Dick Gaglione, Mark Garner, John Gerlach and Marion Hammond.


Dick Gaglione with a couple of students.


 John Gerlach, Kaz Lindley and Dick Gaglione


Chemistry being an experimental science prompted our volunteers to preform a few laboratory reactions to entertain the students.


 Marion Hammond silvering the inside of a flask.



 A SCN chemistry club volunteer pours a purple soup made from a red cabbage leaf ground up in a blender into three beakers.  One beaker has a few drops of vinegar added.  The second beaker is plain water.  The third beaker has a few drops of ammonia.


 The three previously clear solutions but of different pH are transformed into three different color solutions by the addition of the ground up cabbage leaf.