Southern Nevada Section

2017 Sci Tech Expo, Career Day at CSN


 Southern Nevada Section Event Report

Event:  Science & Technology Expo at College of Southern Nevada


Description:  Career day for Las Vegas, NV area high school students.  The section has a booth to distribute literature and puts on magic of chemistry shows.  Several thousand students attend.  Contact is also made with teachers and home schooled grade school age students.


Year:  2017


Primary contact:  John Gerlach


Categories:  k-12 student, Science fairs & festivals, education.


Event phase:  Completed


Event frequency:  Annual


Event date:  4/28/2017


Supporting Committees:  Community affairs


Event Partners (non ACS):  College of Southern Nevada


Number of Volunteers:  4


            -Members:  3

            -Non-members:  1


Estimated attendees:  244


-Members:  4

-Non-members:  240


Outside funding:  None


Event Coverage:  E-mail


Event Promotion:  E-mail 


Event success (1-10):  8 to 9


What were greatest successes?   The chemical reaction demonstrations that presented the “flash-bang-gee-wiz” part of chemistry were well received.  The “What’s That Stuff” C&EN series was a very popular handout.  Everyone got a periodic chart.  We also had some handout packets for teachers.  Some of the home schooled students of grade school age were well on their way to becoming professional scientists.  We were more than happy to talk to them about working as a chemist.  We were glad to help them out with things like accessing the ACS website. 



Lessons Learned:  At the booth, our experiment in making a brightly colored bag of goop was a big hit.  We had a line of people all day.  It turned out to require a one-on-one assistance to keep things moving.  We could have used more equipment and more volunteers to handle more people.  We almost needed a second table.