Southern Nevada Section

CSN Science & Technology Expo 2015

This year the booth had 170 visitors who stayed long enough to talk, pick up a handout or two and get counted.  Reprints of C&EN’s “What’s That Stuff” continued to be our most popular series of handouts.  Chemistry games and crossword puzzles were also handed out in abundance.  High school science teachers were interested in our brochure “Why Study Chemistry.”  At a community college with 181 study programs, 25 % require at least one chemistry class and another 40% have a general science requirement that can be met by taking a chemistry course.  Two out of three study programs have a science component.  At four colleges the science component approaches 100 %.  Finally add in, three out of five jobs currently require some post high school education.    


Most of the visitors were high school students.  There were smaller numbers of junior high students, a few teachers and some home schooled students of elementary school age.  The elementary school students were more interested in meeting a real scientist than with any of the handouts.







Southern Nevada Section ACS

Booth at Cheyenne Campus of College of Southern Nevada

Exit I-15 N at Cheyenne, go East 

April 24, 2015

9 AM to 1 PM


This event is primarily for high school students.  However, many home schooled elementary school students also attend.  Although we do not know the exact location of the booth it is usually over by the planetarium.  

 For this "career day" event we are looking for volunteers who would like to hand out literature and talk to high school students about career options in chemistry.  Call 702-269-6780 if you are interested in volunteering.  Volunteers receive the usual token gifts, tee shirt, pizza and drinks as well as the satisfaction of a job well done.