Southern Nevada Section

                    Awards Meeting 2014

Annual Awards Ceremony and Banquet
Tuesday, April 29, 2014

College of Southern Nevada

Russell’s Restaurant

3200 East Cheyenne Ave.

North Las Vegas, NV 89030

 Chair, Tom Gill and Speaker, Dr. Jeffrey I. Seeman, University of Richmond

Topic: “Humor and Humanness of Great Chemists of the 20th century”

How is science performed? How does personality influence research objectives, methodologies, and achievements? What is the nature of competition and collaboration? How do scientists have fun? What lessons have we learned in terms of the human side of science? With the goals of education, inspiration and entertainment, this talk will focus on a number of famous chemists who will reveal their various personality characteristics and behaviors in the scientific milieu. Through the use of photographs of famous chemists and archival documents collected by the presenter over 30 years, the role of personality and societal factors will be discussed (for example, ego, pride, sincerity, oneupmanship, roots and tradition, and professional responsibility).

This was really a fun talk.  It was more than just interesting.  This talk was a peek behind the scenes to see what really goes on in a really competitive research environment.


Service Award, Dr. Pradip Bhowmik, Past Chair, with Tom Gill, Current Chair


 Service Award, Sandra Elkouz, Past Secretary, with Tom Gill Chair.



Dick Gaglione (file photo)

Dick Gaglione received the David Emerson for outstanding service to the local section.  For the past ten years or more Dick has been the glue that held the section together.  He was everyone's emergency backup.  Dick could not attend the awards meeting due to illness.  We all wish Dick a speedy recovery.  


 The most outstanding undergraduate chemistry major award went to Derrick Palma who is graduating from UNLV this year.  Derrick could not attend the meeting.

 The top sophomore chemistry student at UNLV award went to Evan Mohr.  Evan could not attend the meeting.


The most outstanding chemistry major at CSN was Christine Deduyo. 


 Several long time ACS members received awards for 60 and 50 years of membership. 

James Worman, 50 year member could not attend.

Burton Christensen 60 Year ACS member could not attend. 


  50 Year ACS Member Award, Fred Lewis

 50 Year ACS Member Award, Wayne Sovocool

50 Year ACS member Award, Ken Wilkins 


Top Ten Finalists in the Chemistry Olympiad 


High School


Dakota Jones

NW Career and Tech Acad

Shawn Cruchet

Sean Dycaico

Clark HS

Aaron Dehne

Lana Sheta

Coronado HS

Ms. Viscardo

Cameron Patterson


David Peltz

Andrew Martin

Coronado HS

Ms. Viscardo

Dominic Basile

Liberty HS

Dr. William Marritt

Angelika Briones

Cimarron Memorial HS

Marc Rogers

Mark McCrary

Clark HS

Aaron Dehne

Oscar Torres

Liberty HS

Dr. William Marritt

Miriam Leyva

NW Career and Tech Acad

Shawn Cruchet




 Cameron Patterson, Advanced technologies Academy

Teacher,  and Mark Garner Olympiad Committee Chair



Dakota Jones NW Career Technical  Academy

Teacher Shawn Cruchet and Mark Garner 

Speaker Information 

Jeffrey I. Seeman received his B.S. from the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey, and his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. He is now at the University of Richmond. Seeman has published over 140 articles in the peer-reviewed literature. Seeman has been awarded a number of patents and has made scientific contributions in fields as diverse as natural products chemistry, chemical physics, flavor technology, responsible conduct of research and history and sociology of chemistry. Seeman’s first publication involving the history of chemistry was in his 1983 Chemical Reviews article on Curtin-Hammett/Winstein-Holness kinetics. Seeman was the creator and editor of the series of 20 autobiographies of eminent chemists titled Profiles, Pathways and Dreams, published by the American Chemical Society (ACS). He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) and as Chair of the Heritage Council of the CHF. Seeman originated and runs the ACS HIST Citation for Chemical Breakthrough award program. He also produces and directs videos for educational purposes including documentaries of eminent scientists. He has produced and directed two major video-based websites: The Archimedes Initiative, aimed at improving science literacy in our youth; and Eminent Organic Chemists, documenting the human side of these scientists.