Southern Nevada Section

Community Out Reach Programs

The Southern Nevada Section runs several programs each year that involve members of the local community.  These include regular programs such as the Chemistry Olympiad, National Chemistry Week and Chemists Celebrate National Earth Day.  Other programs are put on for special occassions or occur on an irregular basis. 

Chemists Celebrate Earth Day

This is an annual event held in the spring.  The local ACS section teams up with other organizations for an "Earth Day Festival."  This event is typically held on the Promenade at the University of Nevada Las Vegas campus.  Several ACS booths (5 last year) are visited by about 1000 area middle school and junior high school students.  From 10 to 20 local volunteer conduct a variety of activities showing where chemistry occurs in every day life.  Volunteers perform demonstrations of chemical reactions.  In other cases the volunteers supervise students as they conduct their own hands on experiments.  A variety of small gifts  with a "Chemists Celebrate Earth  Day" theme are handed out. 

Volunteers find this event highly rewarding.


Local memeber who would like to participate in Chemists Celebrate Earth Day please contact event coordinator, Dr. Orofino (Dick) Gaglione,


Chemistry Olympiad

U.S. Chemistry Olympiad Competition Process

The Chemistry Olympiad consists of four stages:

  1. Local Competitions
    The U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad begins in the spring when ACS Local Sections administer local exams and choose nominees for the national competition. Local competitions are open to all high school students.
  1. National Competition
    Approximately 1,000 students sit for the 3-part national exam. No more than two students from any given school can compete in the national competition. The 20 top-scoring students are chosen to attend a study camp where they will try to win a spot on the U.S. team competing in the International Chemistry Olympiad. You must be a U.S. citizen to participate in the National Chemistry Olympiad competition.
  1. Study Camp
    The selected 20 students spend two weeks at study camp to demonstrate their ability. Based on performance, four students are chosen to represent the United States at the International Chemistry Olympiad.
  1. International Chemistry Olympiad
    About 60 nations around the world send a team of four students to test their chemistry knowledge and skills for the annual International Chemistry Olympiad competition.

For more information contact event coordinator Dr. Mark Garner at College of Southern Nevada,

Local competitions occur in the spring.  These competitions select the best two students from each participating area high school.  All first stage winners are invited to the local section awards meeting in May.  The first stage is quickly followed by the national competition, last held at College of Southern Nevada.  This second local competition includes written and laboratory exams. 




National Chemistry Week

Science experiments for children on tap for National Chemistry Week

Hands-on science experiments for children are among the many activities planned for area residents during this year’s celebration of National Chemistry Week. The annual event is an outreach program hosted by the Southern Nevada section of the American Chemical Society, the world’s largest scientific society.

The theme for this year’s National Chemistry Week is “Behind the Scenes with Chemistry” – Celebrating the chemistry in movies, movie set design, makeup artistry, and common special effects. The activities that are planned will demonstrate concepts in chemistry which can explain the mystery behind the “magic” that is shown in films. 

The annual event is designed to diminish the term “magic” associated with the “unexplainable” and direct attention to the chemistry which makes special effects work.  

The week will kick off [date] at [location] with a(n) [morning/afternoon/evening] of hands-on science activities for elementary-school children and their parents. Area chemists will supervise and explain the importance of each activity.

Details on National Chemistry Week events will be published in the coming weeks.  Check back in early October.

Local memeber who would like to participate in National Chemistry Week please contact event coordinator, Dr. Orofino (Dick) Gaglione,