Southern Nevada Section

Chocolate Chemistry

Southern Nevada Section

American Chemical Society


Event:  Local Section Meeting

Place:  College of Southern Nevada, Building D, Room 101

6375 W. Charleston Blvd

Time:  Thursday, January 29, 2014

Reception:  5:30 - 6:00 PM

Talk:  6:00 - 7:00 PM


Speaker:  Howard Peters


Topic:  Chocolate-Food of the Gods


Abstract:  Chocolate Food of the Gods Chocolate has been a part of New World

culture for thousands of years. This talk includes: 1. Some high points of the history of chocolate and its production from the Mayan, Olmec and Aztec cultures up to the present; 2. Aspects of the processing of the cocoa bean & pod, fermenting, drying, roasting, conching, tempering, blending and finishing; 3. Some chemistry, biochemistry, and biology of chocolate and the active ingredient theobroma cocoa literally from the Greek Food of the Gods); 4. Some health aspects (flavanoids, polyphenols & other anti-oxidants) that this exotic food is good for you; 5. A discussion about aspects of the "dark side" of chocolate; and 6. A few circulating legends (& trivial connections) about chocolate.  For attendees who stay to the "bitter"end, there will be a free drawing for a 10 pound bar of Guittard "bittersweet" chocolate. You must be present to win.  For more information, see (home page and some old slides in PPT on the second page under the Presentations bar) and p.2-3)

 Howard and Sally Peters


Biography:  Howard Peters is a 1962 graduate of Geneva College, Beaver Falls PA (& hometown of Joe Namath). He earned a Ph.D. in organic chemistry at Stanford University in 1967 under the late Dr. Harry S. Mosher. After 12 years in industry first with The Dow Chemical Co. in Midland MI and then SRI International in Menlo Park, CA in high explosives research, he received his Juris Doctor in law from Santa Clara U. in 1978. He was first a chemical patent attorney with SYNTEX (known for The Pill and ALEVE) and then was in private patent law practice for 12 years with Phillips Moore Lempio & Finley LLP of San Francisco and Palo Alto. He was a cofounder of the boutique patent law firm, now Peters Verny LLP of Palo Alto, in 1996 and retired from active practice in 2007. Howard is co-inventor on 7 US patents and has written or prosecuted over 300 patents. He is a 52 year member of the ACS and has 35 years of service on the ACS Council (of 500). He was a co-founder of the ACS Division of Chemistry and the Law in 1983. He received the 2007 ACS Henry Hill Award for advancing chemistry as a profession. From 2005--7, Howard served as a member of the ACS Board of Directors and was the unsuccessful candidate for ACS President-Elect in 2007. In April 2008, he received the annual Geneva College Life G Award to recognize community service and public outreach. He is the author of the ACS reference book, Understanding Chemical Patents, 2nd, 1991 and is currently working of the next update.

Sally Peters is a graduate in chemistry of Geneva College (1964).  In 1983 she earned a Masters degree in Library Science at San Jose State U. She was a chemical information specialist at PARC, INC (formerly XEROX PARC) in Palo Alto CA for 28 years and now retired.  This Peters family includes daughters Theresa, & Elizabeth, and  two grand daughters, Kayleigh & Megan