Southern Nevada Section

NCLR Convention 2012

Local section members volunteer as chemistry demonstrators for NCLR convention in Las Vegas on July 6 and 8, 2012.  ACS national had a booth in the EXPO section of the convention.  During Sat. and Sun. afternoon a childrens chemistry activities session was held with Southern Nevada Section members helping children with a variety of chemistry activities.


About 30 to 40 people at a time were doing one of 5 different chemistry activities.  This appeared to be one of the better attended activities in the EXPO area.



Meg A. Mole's Bouncing Ball Synthesis.   Pouring premixed green powder into mould prior to adding water to make bounding ball.



Successful creation of a blue ball. 



Using chemistry to blow up balloon.  Hydrogen peroxide and yeast react to blow up balloon.  A packet of hydrogen peroxide is sealed in balloon with yeast.  Breaking hydrogen peroxide packet combines the two ingredients and the balloon slowly inflates. 





Getting ready to make some slime from glitter glue and PVA.





It looks like we have us some really gross red, green and blue slime.  The kids get to take it home with them so show their parents.




Learning to use pH sensitive paper to send secret messages.



The woman behind all of the above activity, Victoria Fluentes from ACS headquarters in Washington, D.C.