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Project iLaser - Public Outreach

It was another great flood meeting.  Many members decided not to try rowing their cars up the Charleston St. river to the meeting.  Those of us who managed to float over to the meeting site were treated to a very good talk about a public outreach project.  Post meeting discussions revealed a certain amount of local "we could do that here" inspiration.


Project iLASER:

An IYC 2011 Outreach Endeavor in Sustainable Energy and Nanotechnology

By: Dr. David R. Brown

Southwestern College, Chula Vista, CA and the National Science Foundation

Thursday, October 11, 2012

CSN Building I, Room I208 (2nd floor)

5:30 PM-Reception, 6:00 PM-Section Meeting and Presentation

College of Southern Nevada (West Charleston Campus)

6375 W. Charleston Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89146

Visitors are welcome! 

Abstract:  As a venture to celebrate the International Year of Chemistry 2011, Dr. David R. Brown led a project in public science outreach, Project iLASER (Investigations with Light & Sustainable Energy Resources), with a central theme of harnessing the sun as a source of sustainable energy to power the planet.  Project iLASER included an extensive road trip to engage children living along the 2,000 mile stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border, from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, in hands-on science activities. He visited elementary schools and Boys & Girls Clubs in border cities, where Hispanic communities are concentrated. The project was funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation Division of Chemistry and Informal Science Education program. For more information please see


Biography:  David Brown is a full-time faculty member in the Department of Chemistry at Southwestern College, a position he commenced in 1996.  He received a B.A. in Chemistry from the Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, earned a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and undertook postdoctoral research at UC San Diego. David has been a Principal Investigator on several National Science Foundation grants that have supported projects in curriculum and program development, faculty professional development and undergraduate research.  He was awarded the 2012 Award for Incorporating Sustainability into Chemistry Education from the American Chemical Society Committee on Environmental Improvement and the Stanley C. Israel Award for Advancing Diversity in the Chemical Sciences from the American Chemical Society Western Region in 2007.  Brown is currently on leave from Southwestern College, serving as a Program Director in the Division of Undergraduate Education at the National Science Foundation in Arlington, VA.


Dick Gaglione, David Brown, Kaz Lindley, Wayne Sovocool

(Counciler, Speaker, Chair, Treasurer)

Audience discussing the "Great Flood" meeting.

(A 2 inch rain definitely beat the previous 0.12 inch record for Oct. 11).


Maybe we could build some of those things for our own outreach projects?